in situations like you quoted, have been CONNED out of knowing and recording of the ACTUAL cause of death. were behind Russian lines in Poland and the Ukraine where no U.S. troops ever visited including Eisenhower. Bill Gates. That is to say…some reach for the ceiling of hell, others for the floor of heaven. And Bayer saves Monsanto’s ass as a returned favour – Monsanto, a South American Nazi run Corporation that survived the war. S'abonner à la chaîne: Mon site web (nouveau! Exact the same demonstration, Schindlers List - IG-FARBEN = FEMA/DHS-Quarantine Camps today. It was a real pandemic causing millions of deaths worldwide. “A parent dies 200 miles away. 4) Financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted of sex offenses in 2008 and committed suicide in his jail cell in 2019 while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges, got his start in the world of finance as a trader at Bear Stearns in 1976 and later founded his own money-management consulting firm, Financial Trust Company. You can call me sir isO. For the ones interested, I uploaded them here : Craciun, Do I have to have some kind of app in order to read this download you’ve put on here? It’s also a requirement for knowing God. Based on character flaws, based on psychopathy and sociopathy. The Church will be in eclipse. I was into “religious science fiction” a few decades ago… because I could never quite tolerate or stomach the ideas of prophecy and the arcane and convoluted Biblical writing methods. The “social order” is a hierarchical construct from a source of imposition used as justification. beruhigend ein impfstoff von denen. What is interesting is that ‘popular’ books and media for 70 years stated “Six Million European Jews were killed”. The Bible didn’t fall from the sky, it is a product of the church that Christ founded upon the “Rock” of St Peter. Las piezas componentes se rediseñaron por completo. According to this book, the behind the scenes collaborations of IBM with Nazi Germany enabled the Nazis to grow and speed up their nefarious plans. This prayer might catch on. The whole world was fed by IG Farben discoveries both in literal and figurative sense. The prisoners in these camps weren’t being starved and emancipated on purpose, there simply was not enough food, that plus Typhus ran rampant in all of the camps (#1 killer at all camps was typhus). Im Weitsprung landete sie in ihrem weitesten Sprung auf 5.17m und belegte damit Rang 7. But he made a powerful point and is exactly what took place in recent decades with AIDS, Zika, ebola , West Nile and so on… Now is just done in open, all over planet , but in essence is the same ! But western media is now as bad as in soviet union or north korea. I predict class-action suits on hospitals, etc. I refuse to bring new life into a dying world. By the climax just about everyone was awake to being scammed but didn’t feel empowered enough to break from the EU – of course it was very difficult with EU holding the purse strings via the Stabilisation Fund. Moderna Insider Trading Reports; Breaking News: Just leaked Jan. 08, 1981 PM Margaret Thatcher 10 Downing Street letter shows seditious use of the American Pilgrims Society and Georgetown as instruments of British foreign policy and propaganda; JFK Jr. to return “from the grave” to endorse Trump 2020 says Trump brother And now we have the fraud called COVID-19. Keep in mind no one has isolated this virus. It is well known fact that the Dems are in bed with Communist God hating China, so is Gates, Fauci (Jesuit) and just about everyone else. The IOT, Internet Of Things, is being designed to include humans. Did Biden Temporarily Freeze Trump Rule Lowering Insulin, EpiPen Prices? Farben cartel, equally insatiable, decides no longer to be bound by the 1929 constraints. The Jewish Council census notes that and even modern academics. 2) Bill Gates, who did not attend Cornell, also did not design or patent radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips. Exactly. The Nazis did win the second World War. Yup, maybe even VII, if you include the global “War on Tara”. You don’t believe humans went through those terrible camps? I’ll start thinking that way again because they cannot control barter. Corn, soy, canola and cottonseed oil are in just about … Nobody but them know those deaths are probably most likely from something other than this Covid. (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.). The news media of today is nothing more than an entertainment industry geared at acting in a way to convince those that watch it, that what they are saying is true. Re link to mitochondrial damage and pharmaceuticals Karen, I also suggest researching fluoroquinolone toxicity / fluoroquinolone associated disability caused by fluoroquinolone so called ‘ antibiotics’ ( actually they are chemotherapy in disguise ) , do this research, and you will quickly enter a parallel universe . Amen. So now they shouldn’t have any reason to make denial a crime, yet they still do. 6% of all the Covid-19 deaths are by Covid-19 only. The first site binds ADP,the second attaches the phosphate onto the ADP to create ATP, and the third releases the ATP. I’ve been telling people about how the nazis were complicit with their governments, how they established their psychiatry, agriculture, despite having “lost the war”, how biochemical toxins were repurposed for cancer, chemo treatments for years. I hope people will get this book and read it, as it spells out the efforts made to not bomb this evil corporations sites in Germany during the War. How will they react when our cells start manufacturing extraneous viral proteins once ‘covid’ mRNA injected. He will be the false savior of the world, the king of the world and he will come in his own name and everyone will worship him. The only power they have is by deception…the only “science” they know. Which is a story about how, excuse my french, fucktards boned themselves. And how to avoid persecution for not getting “the vaccine.”. When you start to feel better, reset your intentions and visualize yourself achieving your goals. I mean Jesus!”. Likely this satanic sect ARE in that transitional process as it’s suggested they’ll utilize life-extension technology for themselves when the world’s population is and controlled-enough to not care. IG Farben is notorious for it’s mass manufacturing of Zyklon-B, the first fuel used to kill tens of millions in the course of the Holocaust. Herr Fauci, Gates , Epstein usw. The chief objective of “planned parenthood,” from its inception, was to keep … But the founders of Israel proposed to do just that, march into Palestine and take it for their own. As questions. Nor are vaccines part of this estimate. Dezember 2020 um 20:17 | Antworten It’s the opposite. This old Groundhog Day rumor is circulating... again. In one large New York study, the death rate among elderly patients placed on ventilators was a staggering 97.2 percent. @ Brian, Of course, my last point is debatable. It was depressing to me to understand her, a loss, but ultimately I became stronger. He happened to equate himself as greater than god. Knowledge of an ongoing crime inside a corporation turns into a conspiracy of silence, shared by many employees…. They used the people of China for their great experiment how to take over of the world for the one world government for Satan and that is what they are doing. brandnewtube.comURL Checked: The ‘Six Million European Jews’ was a … La nueva objetividad (en alemán: Neue Sachlichkeit) fue un movimiento artístico surgido en Alemania a comienzos de los años 1910 que rechaza al expresionismo.El movimiento acabó, esencialmente, en 1933 con la caída de la República de Weimar y la toma del poder por los nazis.El término se aplica a obras de arte pictórico, literatura, música, arquitectura, fotografía o … is. Yes, that’s true. Yup, and people will wait in lines to get the latest thing, just like they do now!!! The resources for all this fall from the heavens in Chemical spraying of nanoparticles and are breathed in and out. They/it want you to believe… What Eisenhower documented was the direct result of Allied bombings resulting in food shortages to the entire nation of Germany. I tell him, it’s not even real. Gospel of Thomas was left out of the Bible. People just don’t want to think. "Moderna was a pharmaceutical company that started in Germany under the name IG Farben. The drop from 4m to 1.5m did nothing to effect the 6m number…interesting to say the least. With this technology, you can turn on or off cancer, diabetes, obesity, depression…COVID which is a ‘gain of function’ flu. The maiming and killing also comes with the administration of the favored toxic drug, Remdesivir, and the use of breathing ventilators plus sedation. is desperate to get us injected with these microchips and simply will not stop. He sure has been complicit with the plandemic and pushing vaccines and 5G. Fortunately, I stopped giving a shit about him, his life, and his “issues” – and got the hell out of dodge. The company had been a major factor already in World War I, … “The reason for the Holocaust hoax is simple. CA Fitts has called the Covid vaccine a [computer] “operating system”. That which they vehemently demonize the most is that which is most threatening to them. I keep asking myself what these guys must have been thinking as they left their girls behind… And why didnt the girls say… hey.,. Last month, my BFF had made plans to spend some time with his Dad – this being his first Xmas without his Wife. That is easy. I’m aware of this huge, worldwide lie. And we aren’t even talking about the millions more who are severely maimed. *IF we give them the choice of one, or the other, the two choices being: Take a full syringe of the REAL poisonous-sludge-vax, which they’re intending FOR US to accept, OR get a nice neck-stretching, I wonder which they’ll prefer? Three of the many companies which joined were BASF, Bayer and Hoechst. I had read about IG Farben plants being strictly off limits to allied bombing raids, maybe 8-10 years ago. Borkin’s book is pure communist propaganda. He later went on to create the Council of Europe during 1949, which became part of the … Moderna was a pharmaceutical firm that began in Germany below the identify IG Farben. If treated correctly only .01% die from it. Did Rep. Greene Say ‘If English Was Good Enough for Jesus, It’s Good Enough for Us’? Did McDonald’s ‘Permanently Ban’ the ‘McFish’ Sandwich? I’m asking you to think of others as well as yourself. Links to Pilgrims Society membership lists have been updated. Private interpretation of Scripture always leads to error and division. You realized the solution. Many will disappear, but they will say aliens took them. All defendants were indicted for the same crimes as the Krupp defendants: planning and waging of wars of aggression, conspiracy for this purpose, economic plundering, and forced labour and enslavement of prisoners of wars, deported persons, and concentration-camp inmates. michael burns : I am interested in mitochondria (son with down syndrome and it has been hypothesized that mitochondrial dysfunction at root of condition . If they don’t learn, I teach them about the Carnal Malefactor. Nice wide-view piece there, Mr. Burns. IG Farben went into liquidation in 1952 ( here). Get the liars out of your life. Folks should look at the “supreme court of israel” and its Masonic design. Modern architecture, or modernist architecture, was an architectural style based upon new and innovative technologies of construction, particularly the use of glass, steel, and reinforced concrete; the idea that form should follow function (functionalism); an embrace of minimalism; and a rejection of ornament. It is turning out to be Dick’s prediction of a coming world, rather than a ‘what if’ the Nazi and Japanese won the Second World War. Judgment is coming and it will last 7 years. Fast forward to today’s Covid-19(84) nightmare and you’ll find it’s the same players with the same agendas. It was no coincidence that IG Farben built their giant new plant in Auschwitz, since the workforce they used (altogether about 300.000 people) was practically for free. ), it was the same with many of Germany’s ‘essential’ wartime industries. I thought the whole point of Europeans going to America was to leave European conflicts behind. The only change in that as of today is: they’re more aggressive and better at lying and convincing those with the weaker minds. sight. So the Farben moguls, and those like them, were seen by many as highly competent designers of the new “peace and prosperity.”. That right there should tell anyone how far back and how deep it goes. That is a FATAL CONDITION, when it comes to those ‘bad actors’ who (we know) ONLY have the most evil intentions in their hearts, by their arrogant and hubristic admissions (Gates, Zuckerberg, etc. Of course, when you go deeper into all these connections, it’s basically a tale of “man’s inhumanity to man” as an almost unshakable historic theme. I was surprised the other day to learn that Moderna uses just that term on their web site to discuss their new mrna product: The ignorant that have been lied to, the truth hidden from, imposed on, and indoctrinated…say, like typical children, I would consider them innocent. One thing that struck me that Fitts said that made sense in terms of resistance, is to work harder to develop our independent interaction with others. Poor thing was worried about the COVID farce, and the antibiotics and injections and x-rays and usual waste of money. I don’t appreciate your insinuation that I’m not paying attention. You could say that, after the War, the emerging global pharmaceutical colossus was a reincarnation of the Farben pattern: Profit before safety; lethal medical experimentation beyond any legal limit; the use of drugs/vaccines as a means of control. Greece was the first Western country to be given the Economic Hitman treatment. The first such patent was taken out in 1973 by Mario Cardullo, and the patent number provided in the message text (US2006257852) actually points to a patent related to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus rather than any RFID technology. How that’s related to bayer/monsanto, and DDP, and that other worthless japanese institution. CA Fitts nailed the whole technocratic agenda in a recent solo interview where she sketched out in clear detail the use of mRNA vaccines as a literal operating system for the control of transhuman populations. We have a little discussion, it turns out, the guy is accusing the woman of being an alcoholic, and she accuses him of being a pothead. And that propaganda remains one of the most fiercely protected secrets of modern times, enforced by laws in many nations. if they ever become mandated ? Not directly related to a medical coup but Bush crime family P Bush, George Walker, Harriman etc financed nazi socialism and absolutely never spent a day in prison. Thanks, again. That church is now “underground,” after the papacy was taken over in 1958. At least Trump didn’t pretend to be one. Man is not only a “rational animal” as Aristotle defined him, but also a “social animal,” as he said. Personally, I have seen grass more worthy than most people. This is real, this is sad, this is reality. You don’t have to defend it. IG Farben is infamous for it's mass production of Zyklon-B, the primary gas used to kill millions during the Holocaust. Thus, the Hegelian dialectic of: “problem, reaction, solution” (Tomorrow’s news, or yesterday’s: 1) A covert invasion and/or assassination, 2) Our overt ‘assistance,’ and then, 3) A dictator-/’partner’-ship?)