They money was going though but was not being allowed to be released to me. just happened today i was sending money to my daughter who is residing in china I've sent money before with no problem. For a complete listing of US state licensing, click here. Western union is great via app and using any computer or telephone I've been using western union for years and I'm extremely happy with the type of customer service they provide me with. Services in the US are provided by Western Union Business Solutions (USA), LLC (NMLS ID: 907333; MA MT license #: FT0041) (referred to as “WUBS” or “Western Union Business Solutions”). all of us have the same story. Calling bank, USAA, to see what can be done. Western Union has made some really good money off of me in the past. I decided to go into the settings and see the information about the Receiver – he had a bank account number, but the name of the bank was missing – I added the name of the bank, saved the changes, once again opened the information about the beneficiary… the mention of the bank and the bank account disappeared altogether…. I log in to my bank account a few moments later to find out the money was taken out of my checking account already!!! I'm trying to transfer money through Western Union. Are these questions even necessary? Western Union November 12 at 10:39 AM Diwali traditionally brings family and friends together, gathered to ... enjoy five days of food, drink, and … I myself has been a customer for a few years, sending money from the same house, phone, recipient, etc. I have to wait for my bank to put the money back on my card which will take at least 24 hours. I'm told it's "NO GOOD" What??? Also they speak the worst English and are impossible to deal with. They have my money and I guess I need to go to my bank and see if they can track these scammers down. I was trying to transfer $2500.00 twice they have drawn the funds out of my bank via debit card refunded it via debit card but after several days it has not been refunded to my bank. I agree that it most likely is Western Union causing this issue. (MTCN [protected]). They'll sit on your money and wont keep you updated. I was living in north Africa and had use W U for years. Western Union cannot even handle a small $350 overseas. me too. I think Western Union online is some sort of scam. The operator requests to call me back. So much for Western Union!!! Goodbye to a lot of US business. I am at work!! I own and live at a motel so the phone is in the motel name. Who IS Western Union? Just said I can't use their services anymore. Finden Sie heraus, ob sie nur für Sie nicht funktioniert oder ob sie heute auch … I tried several times to use the previous payment, choosing the option “Repeat payment” there – without a positive result, even the error message was not shown – after the “wait” icon was finished showing, nothing happened. She did not like that at all. OMG! It is the equivalent of sending cash in an envelope. Where is the money? Find 2210 listings related to Western Union in Commerce on Stay connected with Western Union and enjoy they their latest promo code. Services in the US are provided by Western Union Business Solutions (USA), LLC (NMLS ID: 907333; MA MT license #: FT0041) (referred to as “WUBS” or “Western Union Business Solutions”). 1841-1918, November 20, 1879, Image 1, brought to you by University of Maryland, College Park, MD, and the … Most Popular Newest at To whom it may concern I tried to send money to the Philippines and was denied a code.Popped up C2201 I appreciate if you can help me fix this because my … She called them and talked to a "technical" person to get the hold removed. I too was told to call and verify the transaction as it had been put on a hold status. One representative there said my name might be a problem what ever that ment. NOT that I would now after all of the grief I have gone through during these phone calls. Western Union is not a good way to send money to anyone whom you don't know personally. They told me this were their rules if though they have such a duty of care in life threatening circumstances it will probably result in negligent to their corporate officers twice they agreed and approved each transfer however their employees still refused. Western Union is total crap, conrstantly going down, what the hell does this message mean??? Status in diesem Moment. That's after they put an authorization hold on the funds in her checking account. I talked to three different people (assuming by accent they are in India but named Jennifer, James and Brian), who all told me that in order to cancel the information they would need to verify who I was and needed the same information that I refused to give the first time. Cannot verify my phone number? Kit Carson: The Life of an American Border Man (Oklahoma Western Biographies) PDF Kindle Knut Hamsun (1922) PDF Kindle KS2 Science Year Four Workout: Electricity (for the New Curriculum) PDF Kindle So my problem is solved. He stated that it stays in a hold status indefinitely as they could not verify the account they would be refunding it to. I tried to transfer some money online to a family member overseas. © 2004-2021 I opened the list of attached cards – you will not find this option in the settings, to go to your cards you need to click on the user name, then you will see this item. Western Union took the money out of my Bank of America account but they never delivered it overseas to my daughter with a medical emergency? After I have completed the questionnaire, provided by Western Union, I am then told I am required to call a toll free number (HELLO! For a complete listing of US state licensing, click here. Are the banks or govt trying to prevent money from leaving the U.S.? like seriously what question did i answer wrong?? Well, the phone not being in my name killed that. Today I tried swnding more money and it was declined by Western Union and when I spoke to the girl(bad english) and I asked her why it was declined, all she said over and over was it's in the terms and conditions...nothing else!! Just last night. I have an even better one! I tried several times – it did not work. I gave them five phone numbers, no make that six including my work number, home and four other cell numbers that I know are all registered to me. Der Deutsche correspondent. 1-800-325-6000 . They could at least do their "qualifing phone number" check first! I dont remember exactly what message I received from WU after numerous failed attempts on sending online and contacted them about it,but they sent me a form to authenticate my identity ,sent them a copy of 2 valid ids and signature( u have the option of scanning these and email it ,which I did rather than mail d forms back) and then ul be activated with a WU … All rights reserved. It happened to me just today! Box 6036 Englewood, CO 80155 USA. But instead of redirection to enter the code from SMS, I received the specified message on a technical problem. Good thing is the money was refunded. I've looked around and found some pretty solid competition. I give this ‘chick’, 3 (THREE) phone numbers to call me at. Sometimes I would have to make an extra call to confirm it. Please wait while we verify your certificate to access this site. ru, cardingforums. Your security is important to us. We have all been the victim of western union. I would never send 10 cents through western union. Understandable. as i called they asked me a series of questions to which i answered truthfully I googled and even found the financial definition of APN – but that didn't help me at all. WHAT??? FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE (English), PLEASE CALL. Use of company resources should be for business purposes only and are subject to the Code of Conduct, company policies and procedures and applicable law. But yeah, they say they didn't take it out. Required fields are marked *. For customer inquiries or comments in English, please write to: Western Union Financial Services, Inc. P.O. Western Union Social Media Facebook Not anymore. all i can say is poor services. I also asked him at what point after not being able to validate, does my transaction automatically get refunded due to non verification, how many days? I finally am able to say 'YES!!! And the translation has passed! declined money transfe - ridiculous reason, Western Union - Banned from using service, For: Western Union Payment Service Malaysia - scam inheritance, Westerwestern Union& . BUT WAIT! I tried to make a transaction online Even though I could verify EVERYTHING including the pop up that my bank adds onto western unions security! After all the registration and trasnaction BS I was told to call for verification. Needless to say we're now using Walmarts moneygrams. Burn in hell. The Western Union Online Service is offered by Western Union International Bank GmbH in conjunction with Western Union International Limited. After finalizing the transaction going thro identity verification it receive a technical error Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Western Union at 1006 N Keller Dr, Effingham, IL 62401. I tried to make a transaction online (MTCN [protected]). The only question I kept asking is why would they even touch my account??? Never in my 66 years have I ever seen worst customer service. Today I called western union this time I was the receiver at the other end so it's a transfer from newyork to London I called in luckily before I even got ready and made my way to the bank so I'm on the phone talking to them and they said well your money is on hold we need to speak to the sender just for confirmation (understandable) I emailed her and asked her to call them she emailed me back saying they had asked her questions about my occupation and why she is sending money and my age like seriously? We'll see how good they are. C2201 [C2201]. What kind of fucving bulshit company are you like seriously you had me waiting for over a day to tell me you have no idea what it got declined but some how it did and when I really wanted an answer as I refused to get off the phone he said it was not enough they can make out from???? I am then TOLD, my transfer cannot be completed because she cannot confirm my PHONE NUMBERS???? You have absolutely no recourse if something isn't right at the receiving end. I responded with the same "RIDICULOUS." I talked to three agents and I could not believe the questions they were asking for "a third party" whose name was denied to me! Are you all from a foreign country?? I tried the next day – again the same problem. Western Union - I was sent an email stating I won money.