Oh and your food looks awesome ! Sections of this page. Shawn shares his insights into how his passion developed into his show about living off the grid in the Canadian Wilderness. Merry Christmas to you, your family and your followers! Just a thought away…, I enjoy your videos and I wonder about some of the overhead views of the cabin,etc.  Efficiency, focus and strict adherence to wealth principles are the short answer. I would really appreciate a reply even if you dont really need anyone. 2 – I had to discover what I really wanted to do with my life, whatever the personal cost of doing that. This is the type of “entertainment” that we need more of in this world.  Really, like most people, I desired the comfort and trappings of wealth, but did not want to sacrifice my passion to acquire them. 🙂 Thank you for your patience! It reminds me of when I was much younger, and times were much simpler. I think that getting it right on the second go is good, but failing should be unacceptable. But, fast forward to today, and here we are trying to live out our dreams with the purchase of 18 acres and a run down Log Cabin that has turned into a never ending list of projects to complete. Love your You tube series on the cabin build. Is there a photo somewhere of your beautiful fenced garden in your old backyard in the city? Not long ago I discovered the content of your YouTube channel and I was pleasantly surprised, really. I love watching your YouTube videos and thank you so much for taking the time to share your story and adventures with the rest of the world. Unique My Self Reliance Cabin Location clothing designed and sold by artists for women, men, and everyone. As one of my success habits,  I’ve kept detailed journals of many of my exploits, business ventures and relationships over the last thirty years. The people would be healing from trauma, or healing from loss. Hi SJ, Kris Harbour Natural Building My wife would like to know where she can get your coffee cup? As you might guess I really don’t have the proper clothing nor know exactly what to expect for living daily life there.  My name is Shawn James, and this is my story. In my humble opinion, stay focused on daily tasks, I have no problem with not having dialogues, I think it’s even cooler. gHi Shawn, I enjoy your videos. Yesterday morning, I happened to watch your YouTube video by chance and it continued till late night. I will admit I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist but when you get right down to it a lot of these so-called conspiracies hold a lot of Truth. He has earned more than 237 million views there for sharing his self-reliance expertise through regular vlogs documenting outdoor adventures, including log cabin building, canoeing, and wood working. For more updates please visit MySelfReliance.com  Instead, I choose to live simply and free.  By the age of twenty-one, I decided school and work were not that interesting and I prepared myself to spend twelve months building and living in a small log cabin on that property. Dear James Shaw, congratulations on the beautiful work you have been doing. Great cinematography. Thank you. Anyway, watching you take on the personal challenge of building your log cabin by yourself has given me a lot of hope.. My goal is to inspire you to attain your own self reliance so you can follow your passions and live your best life. harm humanity is inflicting on our treasure of earth. You’re an inspiration to us – even though we’ll never be able to duplicate your self-reliance entirely. I am a healthy and strong 56 yr old woman. Heard you mentioned on Rogan podcast. older than you and I recall seeing his video on public tv when I was a kid. A sincere fan from the SC wilderness 🙂, Shawn….you have clearly ” considered the ant”, Do you plan or have you built a water tower storage for you log cabin or sauna ie. Maybe one day, I’ll build my own log cabin in Maine or someplace nice. Along with two buddies, Steve Kennedy and Lance Joyner, we formed “The Real Log Cabin Company” and built cabins on the islands, from felling to finish. If I could I would pick your brain for every bit of information I could get. A good portion of my family make up the village. A very popular channel, My Self-Reliance is run by Shawn James, detailing his life and journey living in his hand-built log cabin in the Canadian bush. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. I find myself relaxing and enjoying every aspect of your outdoor adventure from the carpentry and hard work to the cooking and the segments of outdoor relaxation with Cali ( I just love animals).I am also particularly moved by your personal self reflections. I grew up on a farm in northwestern Pennsylvania. Enjoy your videos down here in NZ. We featured your site on our blog today njroute22.com – and hope to help you find more followers. So, all of this brought me to the thought of separating the idea of “gifting” vs “exchange” i.e. Articles and advice on growing, sourcing, buying and cooking nutritious food. This is the only aspect I can feel is left to add to what you are already offering (which is a complete package of skills, appreciation for the perfection of nature, and the sensibility to present all of this within an aesthetic framework). Keep up the good work, its nice to see you and your wife enjoying the lifestyle. To simply live…to live simply. Lord, how I miss all the Nature you live in and love. If I don’t hear back, I wish you and yours the best of luck in your cabin adventures…now that I think about it, you don’t need luck if you have SELF-RELIANCE! I grew up building forts, shelters and hideouts. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Today I got the t-shirt with the post and I’m proud and looking forward to it !!!!!!!! You and your videos give me a lot of pleasure, strength and peace. I love watching your ingenuity and determination to build a beautiful home for you and your wife. I live in southern California wine country and I just love the beauty of where you’ve chosen to live. Learn more about My Self Reliance's favorite products. You wold need a solar powered electric fence to keep the bears out. Until I met my wife I’d never lived with anyone, never shared a single bill with anyone. Hey Shawn, your channel is awesome and educational and inspiring. We enjoy your outdoor shots, you bring the wilderness to us, since we no longer are able to make it out there. Thank you. Thank you for the experiences you’ve shared. Ultimately, I think you address psychic and emotional survival, along with the skills that enable someone to ensure their own physical survival. You are gifted craftsman, and I appreciate you sharing your skills with me. Now in my mid-forties, I’m living the life of my dreams. Nice job! It s really amazing, i m so impressed by all you ve done !! Hello. I’m sure that family remembers you and always will. We live in a 24 x 24 log cabin and have the same stove you just replaced for your Jotul (sp)? We both love the outdoor and use to camp a lot when we were younger. In 2017 I began building a log cabin in the Canadian woods without power tools and I documented my journey on Youtube. I was on another channel and saw something that I thought was interesting and perhaps useful. Hi Shawn, You are one industrious man, a what a talent. I enjoy seeing sneak peeks of your family, I wonder if your family have a channel on how life for them is during your stay and building at the cabin. Close. !”, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Ca. I have just read Walden by Henry David Thoreau and realised, that's what you are doing!. I just shared your site with him. José Dias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I would like to be able to do this to a degree (wife needs ammentities), but I am having a very hard time identifying property that won’t break the bank. Another thing I admire is life in nature and the way you have been showing the possibilities of making life more simple, beautiful and healthy. You really address survival on many levels. Done any gold panning? They also have “satellite “ lights. My Self Reliance net worth, income and Youtube channel estimated earnings, My Self Reliance income. I loved that there is no talk or music involved in video about building the cabin.. Just the sounds of chopping, dragging, crunchy-walking in the snow of a ‘silent’ forest. My email is: Emilydepatie_32@hotmail.com, Shawn, I have to tell you how encouraging your videos have been. Back to reality, my focus turned to starting a family of my own. Your journey has inspired me to go after it, even though it took me 10 more years than you. If someone could let me know that would be great.   It took me many years of trial and error, but I soon realized that I could earn more than enough money during short bursts of high intensity and focus. ... Share your own stories of self-reliance, fishing, hunting, outdoor cooking and everything else you think is appropriate for a self-reliance forum. Your Friend, Your videos help me get over a little bit of homesickness whenever I’m stuck on campus and in the city. It’s a treasure. Since you are spending a lot in of time at the cabine, sometimes with nothing to do i will write you a old- fashioned letter on paper. WE are both really exited. You are living your life as your authentic self and nothing can be more real and gratifying. My husband and I watch your videos. Giu Capo. Need 12kg weight or about that, lifted every 20 minutes. Hence I learned to build & maintain fence, herd cattle, harvest crops, pick stones, and operate, repair & maintain the machinery involved in the farm business, I love learning about how to live off-grid, environmentally-sustainable lifestyle as free from popular corporate influences & opinion as I can. Currently with the quarantine due to Covid 19 I discovered your channel on Youtube and brought me many identifications. I recently watched your ice fishing video. Fast forward a few years and I purchased his videos. Bought an early model but no real use in a modern house unless we get a big earthquake or volcano… a bag of rocks or iron bars doesn’t go with my decor! Your youtube channel, and website do you credit, and I hope to be following and learning a great deal here. As a result, I took that experience with a grain of salt, so to speak, but felt really down about myself. Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. Sincerely, I am 84 yrs old and pretty much retired from active life so u do that for me vicariously. Watching you and Cali enjoying the life you have chosen is very relaxing to me. Should have done it years ago. You showed we can be happy, live healthy and be free if we want. P.S. I enjoy your videos of your build and bushcraft skills.As well as your self reflections. I am interested in starting this spring and was wondering if you offered service. This website, along with my social media channels, provide the long answer, in great detail. ), I was really inspired and am considering creating my own self reliance. You are so blessed to be able to live with nature . Wow! What a gift you have been given to live out your dream and to be able to share it with the world. My best to you and your family, Diane. There is a great need today for people who are able and willing to show others through example. Also I wish to see the video of Cali first day at the cabin ( after she moved in). but would like to put a good oil on them and I will have a 2 foot overhand all the way around It, If you have can recommend an oil , that would be great, and I’m putting the cabin at least 30 inches off ground with 8inch block, and making sure not to get moisture under floor, but thanks and Your buddy, David Kilbourne. That might already be enough for a meaningful life. I intend to build a straw bale house ,off grid setup in a unorganized township. Thank you. thank you so much for that. Thank you so much.Stay safe and God Bless! All the best for 2020 and all the best to you and your family. I almost have enough money saved to buy my property here in Virginia. Explore. Take care and well done! That took me to thinking about gifts and I listened to your comments about the employee you and your wife had helped only to find he quit working for you and went to another place for more money. I follow another channel and I think it’s cool that you give a presentation of your project at the beginning and a summary of the last film. Thanks for your good video about your life on your cabinet ,you doing great job keep going enjoy. Mike. Be well, and thank you again. The heater was only a 10 K BTU heater we kept in the front part of the tent pointing towards the back or sleeping area. Your stories and videos help me relax during this crazy time! We are dog lovers, and enjoy watching Cali your dog. I discovered your youtube videos yesterday and I’ve been binge-watching them! ? Meet Cali, Our Adventure Dog Golden Retriever Pup, Dog Sledding: The 2017 IFSS Sleddog World Championship at Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve.  Fortunately, the lessons I learned during this time prepared me for my current life of passion, prosperity and self reliance. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Lets do an episode in Mt Olympus, the home of Greek gods! But yet still i would like to reach you with my writing, eventhough i know you have over a million followers i will try to reach you in any way.