Free shipping for many products! Provenance : Allemagne. Bien que n’en faisant pas partie, l’uniforme de la NVA était porté avec la couleur d’arme rouge-bordeaux (Bordeauxrot) avec des marquages NVA ou MfS. om339 - NVA Air Force Fliegertechnische Versorgung Aircraft Maintenance Troops qualification sleeve patch £6.00. All pockets are pleated and all exposed buttons are of bright white metal stipple-pattern. … Uniform Glossary. Design. Add to Compare. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for East German NVA Army Unteroffizier shoulder boards - different types available at the best online prices at eBay! Add To Cart. Informations sur la photo. The new military uniforms were revealed on 1 May 1956 at the May Day parade held in Berlin. Des détachements de la NVA ont été prévus en 1968 en vue de l'écrasement du printemps de Prague, mais la NVA n'a pas été immédiatement préparée à une invasion de la Tchécoslovaquie.Il y a eu des plans de faire entrer la 7 e division de blindés et la 11 e division de chasseurs motorisés en Tchécoslovaquie. … Add To Cart. Links . Add To Cart. Click on subscribe. Newsletters. Add to Wishlist. wo617 - NVA Army career NCO Unteroffizier Parade or Walking out uniform jacket - size ug48. Add to Wishlist. You will be sent an e … Share - .German Army Uniform Shoulder boards Unteroffizier.German Army Uniform Shoulder boards Unteroffizier. The design of the rank insignias followed the tradition of the German Army (Heer) with some modifications.For example, the cuff titles (chevron insignias) of the Gefreiter were replaced by Soviet-styled shoulder straps with cross-stripes.. Casquette datée 1984 (Lettre H). Choose Options. Felix Dzerzhinsky Guards Regiment uniforms … The jacket is open-collared and features traditional Prussian double-litzen collar patches with black inlay decoration. Add to Wishlist. Jacket of lightweight fabric, printed with Strichtarn camouflage pattern (vertical red/brown broken lines on a grey-green field). The image is an example, the jacket is not included! DDR NVA UNIFORM HOSE OFFZ. kein Flächentarn Gr. Le port de l’uniforme était obligatoire pour les membres du régiment de la garde et les unités de sécurité où servaient également des soldats du service national en service long. Add to Wishlist. Frühe NVA Uniform (Jacke+Hose) FDA Uffz. Plain epaulette edged in silver to an Unteroffizier… Laundry and cleaning. 21.04.2017 - NVA Dienstuniform Unteroffizier Grenztruppen der DDR schwarzer Kragen Hover over image to zoom. NVA uniforms initially wore the Waffenfarben as worn by the Wehrmacht, but later reverted to white except for generals who wore red. NVA - Army. Interested in receiving the latest information at all times? Uniforms and insignia Jacket, Armoured Crews, M1990 Panzerjacke, Strichtarn (Line pattern camouflage): Unteroffizier, DDR NVA. 249,99 EUR. Add to Compare. Single-breasted four-pocket jacket of stone-grey cloth with an open collar. m56 (1967+1965)(11. £6.00. Enter your name and e-mail address if you are not already registered. Add to Compare. Manufacturer encodings. Add to Compare. Veste datée 1973 (Lettre L). om497 - late 1950's/early 1960's - SOLDAT - … Add To Cart. Good clean complete Non commissioned Officer's dress Uniform from the NVA the former East Germany dating to around the 1980s. £30.00. Add to Compare. om268 - 4 place paper medal ribbon bar for wear on uniforms - NVA Army mid Officer or high NCO rank £15.00. wo617 - NVA Army career NCO Unteroffizier Parade or Walking out uniform jacket - size ug48 £30.00. The cuff bars indicate that it is a pre 1981 uniform and that it is also the uniform … The braid can be sewn by hand, but it is recommended to sew a machine! La NVA n'a participé à aucune guerre. Add to Wishlist. Leutnant. 39,99 EUR. Insigne "Bester" attribué 4 fois, "Leistungsabzeichen", insigne de qualification générale classe II. Foldback cuffs with grey tabs. Single-breasted four-pocket jacket of stone-grey cloth. Single breasted jacket in heavyweight pale grey wool with fully fastened collar. NVA LaSK uniform for enlisted men of the Paratroopers.It has Stabsfeldwebel shoulder boards and one silver chevrons on the right sleeve which indicate that it is an Unteroffizier auf Zeit.It has the Parachuting brevet above the right breast pocket with the hanging add that indicates the number of jumps. Add to Compare. description Physical description. The jacket features an integral hood with drawstring adjuster that can be rolled when not worn and … Lettres codes indiquant l'année de fabrication des uniformes et équipements de la NVA et de certains organismes de 1968 à 1990. Prix de départ : CHF 10 | Etat : D'occasion | DDR NVA unteroffizier gradabzeichen à Comano en vente sur Ricardo | DDR NVA feldgrau uniform gradabzeichen Blouson-chemise daté 1979(Lettre F). Ouvre la Galerie photos. Etui à pistolet daté 1967. Gilt metal NVA badge to the right breast pocket. Shoulder strap rank insignias. Add to Compare. The detachable epaulettes are of stiffened grey cloth-faced form, decorated with bright flat NCO tresse above … An der rechten Brust die Schützenschnur ,das Bestenabzeichen ,die Qualispange und das Sportabzeichen . Tenue de service 1961 - 1975. Useful Links; Home; East Germany/DDR; Shoulder Boards; sblab004 - 57 - UNTEROFFIZIER - PIONIERE - Army … Jacket, Field, M1958 'Flächentarn' Feldjacke (modified): Unteroffizier, DDR NVA. WEIßE PASPEL !!! Unteroffizier. NVA Fallschirmjäger Feldflaschen Adapter Deckel A10M für Gasmaske M10M (10 Stück. NVA - Army. 66,00 EUR 11 enchères + livraison . Uniform collection. 8,50 EUR de frais de livraison. Add to Wishlist. Single-breasted, the jacket has a stand & fall collar and has two breast pockets with … Tenue de service 1982 - 90. Hover over image to zoom. Out of stock. NVA - Air Force & Air Defence. om270 - 7 place paper medal ribbon bar - NVA Army - Mid to Senior … 9,94 EUR + 9,90 EUR livraison . Add To Cart. Add to Compare. Major MfS. Out of stock. sbbs091 - silver Litze Tresse for NCO Unteroffizier collars - 1m length . Add to Wishlist. On the product picture you can see how the braid is sewn. Voici quelques éléments permettant d'identifier et dater les vestes d'uniforme des militaires de carrière de la NVA. New uniforms for the Nationale Volksarmee (NVA) were developed by the end of 1955 and the new East German Army was stood up in 1956. Years Stamp. Grenze,Stasi,NVA Uniform,Unteroffizier Grenzflieger der Grenztruppen der DDR. 1965 - 1975. om151 - c1961 East German Wartburg 311 match box as pocket filler for your NVA uniforms - matches £7.00. B/A-Dienst of the NVA. Pattes d'épaules en tissu officier caractéristique des unités stationnées à Berlin. DDR DRK Mütze Skimütze Baschlikmütze … The cuffs are edged with white piping and the detachable epaulettes are of stiffened grey cloth, having flat NCO … Uniforms Hitler-Jugend Service Shirt Shoulder-board buttons are present, marked with the number '1' for 'Oberbann 1', traces of a removed district-triagle (Gebietsdreieck) are clearly visible on the wearer's left upper-sleeve. The uniform of the Border Troops was distinguished from that of the NVA ground force and Air Force/Air Defense Force by a green armband with large silver letters identifying the wearer's affiliation. om269 - 8 place paper medal ribbon bar - NVA Army - Senior Officer rank with Kampforden £35.00. Les éléments qui constituent les tableaux ci-dessous proviennent de ma collection et ne sauraient être exhaustifs. EAST GERMAN UNIFORM DATE CODES; EAST GERMAN UNIFORM SIZE CONVERSION TABLES; GUIDE TO FINDING SHOULDERBOARDS ; SELL YOUR UNWANTED GERMAN MILITARIA; Shipping & Returns; Blog; Useful Links & Events. Veste datée 1982 (Lettre I). description Physical description . Tenue de service 1965 - 79. wo357 - NVA Army UvD - Unteroffizier vom Dienst - Duty NCO - armband £6.00. Rare uniforme officier de la Wasserschutzpolizei bon état, jamais portée, des petites étiquettes sont encore collées à plusieurs endroits. Add to Wishlist. Provenance : Allemagne. Shipping: Calculated at checkout Current Stock: 18 Quantity Product Description. Tenue de service col ouvert 1975 - 1976. $3.90 + $3.28 Shipping. Tenue de service d'état-major. Add To Cart. Les meilleures offres pour NVA Uniforme visiere 63 OFFICIER sous officier RDA Ostalgie MDI populaire de police sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! Add to Compare. 1m length will be more than … Jacket, M1986 Service Dress, Unteroffizier (Pionier): DDR NVA. Unteroffizier Nachrichten (Transmissions) en service long (Auf Zeit). Plain collar with grey tabs edged in white. The total length is 75cm, this is sufficient to provide uniform "convey" to any size. In that case why not subscribe to our newsletter: Select a newsletter. DDR NVA 1976 Uniform Jacke Unteroffizier m52-0 (M) East german army Jacket Tunic | Sammeln & Seltenes, DDR & Ostalgie, DDR | eBay! NVA Tress band for NCOs, also called Kragenlitze. description Physical description. Jacket, M1986 Service Dress, Fallschirmjäger (Unteroffizier): DDR NVA. Chevron d' appelé en service long (Auf Zeit / 3 ans). om154 - c1956 East German Leipzig Sports Festival match box as pocket filler for your NVA uniforms - matches £7.00. Sort by: bc001 - East German badges ... last type late 1980's - worn on uniforms £10.00. Occasion, Uniforme Wasserschutzpolizei RDA DDR NVA. Single-breasted jacket of lightweight cotton fabric, printed with a series of irregular 'leaf' camouflage patterns of light green, dark green and red-brown on a grey field. K 1968 Z. Oberfeldwebel Pioniere (Génie). Commandez maintenant des produits de NVA parmi un large choix dans la boutique en ligne ASMC pour le plein-air, le domaine militaire, la sécurité et le camping wo610 - blank Volkspolizei VP VoPo or BePo Bereitschaftspolizei riot police uniform jacket - different sizes available £12.50. 38,00 EUR de frais de livraison . Kammgarn (Filz) Ausgangsuniform Unteroffizier Flieger,Luftstreitkräfte,Luftwaffe.Jacke Grösse m 48,Hose Grösse m 48,Mütze Grösse 58. description Physical description. NVA,Flieger Uniform,Unteroffizier Flieger,Luftstreitkräfte mit Abzeichen | Sammeln & Seltenes, DDR & Ostalgie, DDR | eBay! Add to Wishlist.